The 5 lucky charms that the bride takes with her to the wedding

Tradition has it that the bride brings 5 ​​things with her on her wedding day:

  • an object lent to indicate the affection of loved ones who remain close in the transition from the old to the new
  • something always given to remember the good of loved ones
  • a blue thing, in ancient times the color blue was the color that symbolized purity and was the color of the wedding dress
  • an old thing that symbolizes the life that one leaves behind and the importance of the past that must not be forgotten in the transition to the new
  • a new thing, which symbolizes the good life that is about to begin, indicates all the new achievements and novelties that it will bring with it.
The guests, on the other hand, must remember to bring only the rice, which is thrown on the spouses to symbolize a rain of fertility.