Imagine for a moment post-war Italy and the great turmoil that animated it: it was in these years that Mr. Vincenzo Alessandrelli entered the world of fabrics with his workshop and began, like many others at that time, to create the own future…

This is where Giovanni Alessandro starts, who following in his father's footsteps, first starts from what at the time was an almost obligatory stop, the markets: it was there that he built his own experience, but above all the relationship with people was woven and cultivated .

for him & for her

Ceremonial dresses

Over time, also to respond to the new needs that society manifested, Giovanni Alessandrelli opened his first clothing store in the historic center of Perugia; this was followed by others. Already in the mid-70s the other soul of the shop began to take shape: the ceremonial dresses and the internal tailoring.

Our philosophy

Massimiliano, the third generation, has perpetuated the tradition; born and raised breathing this environment, he has been able to effectively recontextualize the activity in today's key.

"Aevo rarissima nostra simplicitas" : simplicity is a very rare thing in this era, as Ovid already said. We agree: at a time when the market offers an ever wider and more confusing offer, we instead like to be the reference point for those who want to fully identify with what they wear.


What you will find with us

Quality and made in Italy are the foundations on which our way of conceiving clothing rests; the wide range of research, the participation in fairs throughout Europe allows us to capture emerging stylists and new trends one step ahead. Therefore we always know how to give character to your identity, both in everyday life and in the context of the ceremony.