Sneaker in suede verdeSneaker in suede verde


Sneaker in suede verde

Suede sneakers with paraSuede sneakers with para


Suede sneakers with para

White leather sneakerWhite leather sneaker


White leather sneaker

Beige suede sneakersBeige suede sneakers


Beige suede sneakers



Discover MOA Concept on the Alessandrelli Store and let yourself be guided by a fashion that goes beyond looks, transforming style into a gesture of awareness and commitment to the well-being of our planet and society

MOA Concept represents a vision of fashion where style and sustainability come together in a concrete commitment to the planet and society. By transforming itself into a Benefit Company, MOA Concept is committed to pursuing social and environmental responsibility objectives, creating a conscious community through products that embody respect and care for the environment and individuals. Their sneakers, the result of careful sustainable production, are designed for those looking not just for a shoe, but a symbol of an ethical and innovative business model.

MOA Concept: A Step Towards the Sustainable Future

Innovation, Community and Responsibility in Every Shoe The transformation of MOA Concept into a Benefit Company is a path towards the creation of a constant positive impact, in which each product becomes an ambassador of attentive and progressive fashion.

  1. Beige and Blue Leather Sneakers : These men's sneakers are an ode to quality and comfort, made from certified recycled leather and designed for a fit that guarantees optimal breathability. The vanilla outsole and blue tread combine for a distinctive and conscious design.
  2. White Bio Leather Sneaker with Laminated Details : MOA Concept women's sneakers, with laminated details and a vanilla-colored sole, are the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and ethics. Each element is designed for those who love to stand out through choices that make the difference.
  3. Chenille Club Sneaker : A tribute to Italian craftsmanship, these green chenille sneakers present themselves as a masterpiece of style and comfort. The semi-transparent sole and regular design complete a refined and original look.

Why Choose MOA Concept?

Contemporary Design and Social Commitment

  • Quality and Sustainability : MOA Concept uses recycled materials and production processes that respect the environment and human rights.
  • Conscious Community : Choosing MOA means being part of a community that shares values ​​of respect and care for the world we live in.
  • Innovative Style : MOA Concept shoes are symbols of a modern aesthetic and a progressive approach to fashion.

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You can find the MOA Concept brand in our Store in Str. Settevalli, 905 - 06070 - Perugia (PG)