Gold single-breasted jacketGold single-breasted jacket

Bazar Deluxe

Gold single-breasted jacket

Wrap pattern skirtWrap pattern skirt

Bazar Deluxe

Wrap pattern skirt

Patterned trousersPatterned trousers

Bazar Deluxe

Patterned trousers

Vest with sequinsVest with sequins
Sold out

Bazar Deluxe

Vest with sequins

Short double-breasted trench coatShort double-breasted trench coat

Bazar Deluxe

Short double-breasted trench coat

Patterned trousers with sequinsPatterned trousers with sequins
Sold out

Bazar Deluxe

Patterned trousers with sequins

Beige linen waistcoatBeige linen waistcoat
Sold out

Bazar Deluxe

Beige linen waistcoat

Patterned crew-neck shirtPatterned crew-neck shirt

Bazar Deluxe

Patterned crew-neck shirt

Gold laminated trousersGold laminated trousers

Bazar Deluxe

Gold laminated trousers


Bazaar Deluxe

Browse among the unique items of Bazar Deluxe and be inspired by a fashion that goes beyond trends, to dress a world of timeless elegance every day.

Immerse yourself in the vision of Bazar Deluxe, a brand that began its journey in 2013 and continues to travel the world, capturing the essence of distant cultures and ancestral traditions in its collections. Each Bazar Deluxe creation is a tribute to craftsmanship and a passion for travel, with a careful eye for detail and the uniqueness of each piece.

Bazaar Deluxe: A World of Ethno-Chic Elegance

Craftsmanship, Creativity and Cultural Inspirations With Bazar Deluxe, ethno-chic taste merges with bohemian aesthetics, creating garments that are true expressions of glamorous fusions. Fine fabrics, ethnic embroidery and Navajo decorations paint a world of fashion without borders, inspired by the vibrant colors and geometric textures of indigenous American cultures.

  1. Cotton Canvas Parka with Fur : This parka is the symbol of functional luxury, embellished with a removable ethnic vest and a racoon fur collar. Embroidered details and fringes add a touch of unique distinctiveness. The loose fit and asymmetric design are testimony to Italian craftsmanship.
  2. Patterned Knit Stole with Fringes : Warm and stylish, this stole is an embrace of comfort and style, an accessory that does not go unnoticed thanks to its wool and polyamide composition and its captivating design.
  3. Patterned Coat with Fringes : A garment that redefines the traditional cape with a contemporary twist. This multicolored patterned coat is a wearable work of art, with inlays, fringes and a removable belt that emphasize its originality and connection to textile traditions.

Why Choose Bazar Deluxe?

Innovation, Tradition and Creative Wealth

  • Textile Innovation : Bazar Deluxe explores new horizons in fashion, using cutting-edge materials and techniques.
  • Richness of Details : Each garment tells a story, with details carefully thought out and handcrafted.
  • Artistic flair : The strength of the brand is the ability to transform garments into bold and sophisticated style statements.
  • Made in Italy : The pride of authentically Italian production guarantees quality and recognisability in every creation.

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