Light denim ballet flatsLight denim ballet flats


Light denim ballet flats

Mauve patent leather sandalMauve patent leather sandal


Mauve patent leather sandal

Satin sandal with heelSatin sandal with heel


Satin sandal with heel

Camel and gold open sandalCamel and gold open sandal


Camel and gold open sandal



Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Cheville's creations, shoes that transcend time, inspired by the culture of travel and a love for detail that only Italian craftsmanship can offer.

Cheville is the quintessence of Italian artisan footwear, born from the thirty-year experience of two agents in the clothing sector who understood the need to combine clothing with a footwear product of equal excellence. Inspired by vintage markets and the web, Cheville has established itself as a brand that offers not only shoes, but real pieces of history, created to enrich the collections of the most demanding clothing stores.

Cheville: Footwear with a Vintage Soul and Italian Craftsmanship

Retro Elegance and Timeless Craftsmanship Cheville's first collection, launched in 2013, stands out for its strong vintage inspiration, essential models and clean lines, all made with the highest quality leather. The brand's commitment to an entire Made in Italy supply chain is palpable in every detail, from soles to heels, from leathers to buckles.

  1. Leather Heeled Loafer : These women's loafers embody the durability and elegance of high-quality leather. The design, which combines comfort and formal style, is completed with a heel that adds a touch of glamour.
  2. Zebra Print Leather Tango Shoe : A tribute to the dynamism and passion of tango, these shoes with zebra print and real leather sole are an example of Italian craftsmanship. The well-defined heel ensures an elegant fit and an unforgettable stage presence.
  3. Pointed Leather Ankle Boots : Cheville pointed ankle boots represent the essence of the artisan shoe. The leather sole and manual workmanship enhance the quality and timeless design of this shoe.

Why Choose Cheville?

Dedication to Craftsmanship and Authentic Design

  • Craftsmanship Quality : The experience of skilled hands is reflected in each shoe, guaranteeing comfort and durability.
  • Vintage Style : Each model draws on the richness of the past to create a shoe that is always current and sophisticated.
  • Italian Integral Production : From design to production, every step is taken with the pride of Italian tradition.
  • High Comfort and Quality : Cheville footwear is designed to offer an impeccable fit and uncompromising quality.

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