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Enter the world of Lagoa World on Alessandrelli Store and choose footwear that tells a story of freedom, adventure and craftsmanship. Let every step be an exploration and every shoe be your ideal travel companion.

Lagoa World is the expression of the shoe that meets adventure, bringing with it the spirit of freedom in every step. Since its debut in 2008, Lagoa has infused the cosmopolitan style of espadrilles with the sartorial quality of the Fermo footwear district, creating a perfect synthesis between design innovation and the artisanal knowledge of the Marche region.

Lagoa World: When the Path Becomes Discovery

Comfort, Style and Craftsmanship in Your Everyday Adventures Lagoa footwear is a tribute to exploration and nature, offering footwear that adapts to every life scenario. Selected materials and details designed for those who love to stand out without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Suede Slipper with Fringes : These slippers are a combination of comfort and style. The ethnic touch given by the tribal print fabric strap and the fringes with colored beads, removable to adapt to your taste, makes each pair versatile and unique.

Why Choose Lagoa World?

Artisan Experience and Contemporary Vision

  • Marche Craftsmanship : Each shoe is the result of a long tradition of excellence in Italian footwear production.
  • Innovative Design : Lagoa World stands out for its creative approach, which takes footwear beyond passing fashion and makes them a real style statement.
  • High Quality Materials : First choice Italian leather and refined fabrics are a guarantee of durability and beauty over time.
  • Versatility and Comfort : Sandals, flats and heels are designed to be worn with ease, in the city or on the beach, demonstrating that true luxury is comfort.

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