Spring summer 2023

Reflections of style .

Refined patterns – ranging from geometric jacquard designs, to cashmere patterns, up to florals – and iridescent effects animate fabrics that stand out for their perfect fall and for the stretch component that makes them comfortable, ductile and suitable for enhancing silhouettes to the maximum of the spouses .

The leitmotif of the collection focuses on exploratory and imaginative graphic interpretations , fused with slightly baroque motifs and radiant color combinations . Each design is combined with fabrics with a matte finish or with iridescent materials , which reflect particles of light, like a mirror, recalling the flashes that can be read in summer on the surface of the sea and leading the wearer to enter an almost magical world it is as seductive as it is hypnotic. The particular added value of these proposals lies in animating the black, midnight blue and darker burgundy nuances , making them unique.

The SS23 Luigi Bianchi Ceremony lives and breathes an “e whimsical refinement ”, iconic and instantly recognizable as the marvelous Baroque art of the 1600s that produced visual grandeur using exuberant workmanship and details , executed with the utmost care. Always with the intention of creating luminosity and movement , a careful search for solid colors or micro-patterns was carried out, made with light weaves and dark chains: fabrics that change shades depending on how the light falls on them, with a particularly evident when light colors such as light blue and midnight blue or emerald green are mixed with black.