LBM 1911

In the LBM 1911 collection each garment tells a story of passion, style and Italian craftsmanship. A journey through elegance, from tradition to modernity.

LBM 1911 is the result of a perfect fusion between Italian tailoring tradition and a modern vision of leisurewear, embodying a style that is both sophisticated and relaxed. Born from the intuition of Giovanni Bianchi and the historic Mantuan company Lubiam, LBM 1911 stands out for its ability to offer garments that accompany man in every moment of his day, from work to free time, with unparalleled comfort and style .

LBM 1911: Elegance and Innovation in the World of Men's Fashion

Tailoring Meets Casual in Every Garment The LBM 1911 collection, with its "garment dyed" approach and the constant search for innovative materials, represents a point of reference for those looking for high quality clothing that is not afraid to stand out.

  1. Beige Pinstripe Suit : This double-breasted suit in pure virgin wool, with its macro pinstripe pattern and warm hazelnut tones, is the maximum expression of casual elegance. The attention to detail and wearability are designed for those who do not give up style, even in everyday life.
  2. Blue Single Breasted Jacket : Made of 100% cashmere, this jacket represents the quintessence of comfort and style. Perfect for adding a touch of class to every outfit, with its timeless design and the quality of the selected materials.
  3. Cream One Pence Trousers : The trousers offer a modern and sophisticated silhouette, thanks to the single pleat cut which makes them suitable for both the office and free time.
  4. Single Breasted Herringbone Jacket : A garment that combines the elegance of the tailored jacket with the practicality of casual wear. The mixed composition of cotton, acrylic, polyester and virgin wool offers comfort and resistance, maintaining an impeccable appearance.

Why Choose LBM 1911?

Style, Comfort and Commitment to Quality

  • Tradition and Innovation : Each LBM 1911 garment is the result of a perfect balance between historic Italian tailoring and a continuous drive towards innovation.
  • Versatility : The LBM 1911 collection is designed for the modern man who seeks a style suitable for every situation, without ever compromising elegance.
  • Quality of Materials : Attention in the choice of fabrics and materials is at the center of the brand's philosophy, guaranteeing durable and high-level garments.

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