Alexander Hotto

Beige suede sneakers

SKU: GUAYULEEvolo antilope-40

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Beige suede sneakers UPPER Eco-sustainable bovine leather obtained from waste from the agri-food industry, avoiding waste Unlike synthetic materials, they come from renewable sources and are considered antibacterial. This last feature allows the foot to sweat better, retaining odors more. The suede used has a velvety tactile perception and is resistant to UV rays. LINING Bovine leather 77% biodegradable and Metal-free. Tanning occurs with low levels of heavy metals and a high reduction in water consumption. SOLE “LACTAE HEVEA” The sole is obtained from virgin and pure rubber milk. This component allows you to obtain a flexible and extremely ductile bottom, so much so that it adapts to the shape of the foot in its natural posture. LACE Organic cotton Art Code: Guayule

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